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<h4>We have now got a playground with direct access from the toddler room</h4>

We have now got a playground with direct access from the toddler room

Our 0-2 year olds rooms are situated on the second floor – access to this is gained through the main front door.

Your child will be cared for by qualified staff who will work with you to ensure that yours and your child’s needs are met. We encourage communication – as you know your child best we appreciate information that you give us that helps your child to settle, learn and progress. Every time your child is at the setting you will receive a report sheet detailing how your child has been, what they have eaten, sleeps, activities they have done and other general information, this will be accompanied by verbal feedback from the room supervisor – we recommend that you also use this time to talk to the room supervisor about any changes, comments or concerns that you may have – we welcome all comments, after all we would rather you talk to us so that we may be able to accommodate your needs.

For babies and toddlers we require you to bring in our own nappies, we use cotton wool and water to clean children but if you wish you can bring wipes for your child. If your baby has milk formula we ask that you bring the dry formula in measured out portions per feed – we will then make up the milk as required. We also recommend that you bring in a spare set of clothes just in case so that we can change your child just in case they spill / get messy etc. – we do keep spare clothes if necessary though. A place will be available in the room for your child’s bag and this is where their progress and evaluation charts will be kept – you are welcome to look at these at anytime to see how your child is getting on and progressing