Monthly topic

During the Summer holidays we do many exciting activities with the children, please see below the fun days that we have planned.......

Babies and toddlers:

Wednesday 25th July: We will be playing with coloured spaghetti and rice, different coloured water play and paint play.... please bring your to nursery in bright coloured clothing for this day if possible!

Tuesday 31st July: Messy day....... we love messy play days, we usually have them during most days but today is a whole day of messy play!!!! the messier the better!!!!!!

Friday 10th August: Beach day.......... please bring a towel, swimwear and swimming nappies for your child, all the fun of a typical Summer holiday!

Monday 13th August: Teddy bears picnic...... Please bring your child's favourite teddy bear so they can enjoy the picnic too!!!

Thursday 23rd August: Sports day......... lots of medals to be won!!!!!